Toughseal QFX Ultimate Carbon Ceramic Nano Coating

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PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY AVAILABLE ONLY TO PROFESSIONAL APPLICATORS Toughseal Ultimate Carbon Ceramic QFX Paint Protection for Automotive – Aviation – 10yr / 200,000km Warranty* when applied by an certified Toughseal applicator. Toughseal Ultimate Carbon Ceramic QFX treats your vehicle in a glossy Si02 + Ci02 9H hardness high performance carbon ceramic outer shell that provides protection and enhances all colours. Toughseal Ultimate Carbon Ceramic QFX will make your car shine stronger than it ever has. Permanent water sheeting and the carbon self-cleaning effect will keep your car looking great in between washes. The cost of maintaining your vehicle decreases due to less maintenance being required to keep the exterior looking clean and shiny. Toughseal Ultimate Carbon Ceramic QFX helps repel dirt, oil, dust, and road grime to provide incredible ease of care, and as your paintwork is protected and will look amazing for years to come, it provides you with a higher resale value. Read more about paint protection

Product Performance

Scratch Resistance
Gloss Finish
Exhaust Fumes
Hydrophobic Performance
Acid Rain
Heat Resistance
Bird Lime
Paint Fade Protection
UV Protection