Toughseal QFX FX 27 Hybrid Plus Ceramic Coating

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AUD $159.95

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BRAND NEW!!! Perfect for the professional or enthusiast! Toughseal QFX FX27 Hybrid Plus Therma-Tech Carbon Ceramic Nano Coating is a long lasting, durable form of protection for your vehicles PAINT, PLASTIC TRIM and GLASS but also can be used on INTERIOR TRIM due to a no odour content. Consisting of 8H hardness High Purity Si02 Therma-Tech Technology it provides years of protection against the harshest elements you can think of. FX27 Ceramic Therma-Tech Coating has increased longevity, but still provides a significantly slicker finished coating. In addition to this formula has been infused with thermally treated modified silica resin technology, this unique feature not only plays the role of an application aid for first-time users but also allows professionals to have a fantastic versatile coating in the arsenal. Unlike many Ceramic coatings you don't have to worry about using this product as soon as as remove the cap, highly adaptable preservatives allow several months at ambient temps once opened.

Product Performance

Scratch Resistance
Gloss Finish
Exhaust Fumes
Hydrophobic Performance
Acid Rain
Heat Resistance
Bird Lime
Paint Fade Protection
UV Protection