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Toughseal mission: At Toughseal Australia, our mission is to revolutionise vehicle protection by offering cutting-edge products and services that ensure longevity, aesthetic appeal, and unparalleled performance. We are committed to setting new standards in the industry, driven by our passion for innovation and excellence.


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Since 2004, Toughseal has been servicing the motoring public with the most reliable and effective paint protection coatings and automotive products available. At Toughseal we believe in challenging the status quo. Are you looking for something beyond the saturation of average run of the mill products for your vehicle? then look no further.

I highly recommend the Toughseal Step 1 & 2 Paint Protection. I’ve used the product on my last 4 cars and have been extremely satisfied with both its ease of application and its performance. After 3 years my car still looked as good as the day I applied it! Even when my vehicle hasn’t been washed for a month or so it still looks like new with a high gloss finish every time. Another major reason I use this product is because it helps protect the paintwork from both tree sap and bird droppings. It also has a distinct advantage over paint protection applied by the car dealership when purchasing a new car. If I need to get some panel damage professionally repaired or simply a small area like a stone chip I need to touch up I can reapply this product myself. I don’t have to go back to the dealership and pay to have them reapply the paint protection.



I’ve been in the car industry for 28 years . In this time I’ve used and sold numerous products until I was told about Toughseal. My first thoughts were ohh just another one on the market. Let me tell you with full sincerity and honesty, In all my years I have never been left totally gob smacked . This product is well beyond anything I have ever used or sold ,there is no doubt in my mind and experience that Toughseal is the best I’ve ever seen or had the privilege to use . I now own my own 5 star detailing company. I will only use Toughseal on my customers cars My client’s are Happier than ever .Once you use Toughseal I can assure you there be no turning back .

Jamie Krikke

Jamie Krikke Bunbury WA

I have been in the car detailing, refinishing trade for over 20 years. In that time I have tried numerous different products with different levels of success. When I decided to get into providing a paint and interior protection side to my business, I naturally reached out to a few suppliers, and found a couple of good products, but nothing that overly impressed me. The problem in most cases was that the product did not live up to the hype in the advertising, which led to a lack of confidence in the products. About 10 years ago, I was introduced to Toughseal, and my initial reaction was “another product”, but the supplier sent me a demo pack, which I tested on my own vehicle. The first thing I liked about this product (step1 and step2) was how easy it was to apply, and the end result of a really shiny finish impressed me as well. Over the next few weeks, I actually had customers commenting on how good my vehicle looked. Finally I had found a product which if anything, was actually better than advertised. Dealing with the Toughseal crew has and still is a good experience, the service is personal and I have never had any issues in getting stock, advertising material or answers to questions. Toughseal have recently brought out the flagship ceramic QFX paint protection, and while I am really impressed with the step1 and step2, the new ceramic product out performed all expectations. I have found Toughseal to be a great company to deal with, and combined with their excellent products, makes it really easy for me to recommend Toughseal to my customers.

Noel Clarke

Owner Car Paint Protection Bendigo VIC

I've been using Toughseal products professionally for almost 20 years and they've been incredibly reliable- they're always excellent.

Justin McLean

Owner Platinum Paint Protection

I am so glad I discovered Toughseal 17 years ago. 2004 I was naïve at first, because being a Spray Painter / Tech Rep to the Auto Trade, who has used more polishes than most over 40 years. So I had to know ! What’s the base ?, is it friendly , give a great shine , and protect it for 10 years ( YES ) A 2K protection that will give a smile to every ones face. Toughseal QFX Ceramic Now we are talking Nano of Nanos, the break down of molecules, the strength of no other, tested to its limits. This is ideal for Australia, its hard, shinny, and easier to wash. If you need to polish it and protect it ... I have got it on, New Cars/ Used, Show Cars, Hot Rods, Marine Craft, Caravans, Air Craft ... just about everything .

Brian Oswald

Owner NoWax Perth WA

With so many car care brands on the market and in retail stores, I was very pleased to be introduced to Toughseal. These are clearly professional grade products that have helped take my business to the level I was pursuing. Thanks to Toughseal, I was able to start providing paint protection and coatings as one of my services. Both of the nanotech and ceramic coatings are brilliant. I highly recommend that car enthusiasts seek out the range of products Toughseal have and are very confident that they won’t be disappointed.    

Peter Blades

Mango Kar Dynamix Eleanora QLD

I was fortunate enough to meet Cameron (the original Toughseal owner) some years ago when my detailing team was having some difficulty with another product. He kindly donated some time to visit and go through the issue with me. He suggested one of his products (step 1&2 acrylic coating) so we put it to trial. It has been going great guns for us over these recent years and become our premier product. Now following through with Andrew we have stepped ahead even further with some new and exciting products. Majority of our work being Marine or Motorhomes means we work in the harshest environment, so far their products have exceeded our expectations and beyond most other products available on the market. Toughseal has, and will continue, to be part of my detailing side of our business.

Scott Rooney

Owner Marine Services Brisbane

We have been using the toughseal brand for 17 years now and it has only been getting better with age. From Acrylic paint protection to ceramic paint protection. Toughseal paint protection in itself was and still is a great guarantee against the outside elements, but new technology with toughseal ceramic paint protection is a way of the future with its so many uses. The depth with paintwork to the way water disperses from the vehicle. But the main key point is the protection it gives from the outside elements, and being in QLD the heat from the sun. I would give not only toughseal paint protection a 10 out of 10 but any toughseal product will never disappoint.

Mark Walls

Owner Marx Car Grooming Pialba, QLD

My passion for cars first started at a young age when I first left school to become an apprentice in the motor vehicle industry. I have always been a fastidious car owner and washed & polished on a regular basis. I’ve also been involved in classic car restoration & detailing for over 35 years and have the knowledge and experience in automotive finishes. When you think about car care products you walk into a store and are welcomed by a huge display of products to choose from. The trouble is it all looks amazing after the job is done but it doesn’t last as the product breaks down and you must do it all again, we’ve tried them all. When we first heard of paint protection my initial thoughts were just another product when buying a new car from a dealership. We looked at the market and discovered Toughseal, what an amazing product. Toughseal Advanced Paint Protection systems have been proven in Australia’s harshest conditions for the last 19 years. We are very proud to be part of the Toughseal team, with lots of positive feedback and referral business from many happy clients. We have tried all types of products over the years, but Toughseal is by far the best.  

Mitch Vickers

Owner GR8SHINE Mandurah WA